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Eleanor Waverley
Eleanor Waverley.png
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Relatives William Waverley(father) †
Rose Waverley(mother) †
Clarissa Waverley(sister) †
Thomas Waverley(brother) †
Simon Waverley(brother) †
Personality Mature
Series The Haunting of
Braidwood Manor


The Haunting of Braidwood Manor[]

  • Chapter 2: Out of Time
  • Chapter 3: Lock and Key
  • Chapter 4: Behind Closed Doors
  • Chapter 5: Secrets
  • Chapter 6: Confessions


Diamond Scenes[]

  • Chapter 3: That that sounds wonderful. (πŸ’Ž18)
  • Chapter 4: Spend the night with her. (πŸ’Ž20)
  • Chapter 6: I want you to stay! (πŸ’Ž17)






  • She is shown on the cover The Haunting of Braidwood Manor.
  • She is the first female Love Interest whom fate can be decided by players.
  • She shares her forename as Eleanor Harlenay from Veil of Secrets.

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